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    Development blog #8 has turned up.

    There has happened quite a lot in the past 2 weeks. One of those changes is a really big one which will impact the development and everything else what we do from now on. That is related to our company Chronobyte Interactive which we announced quite some time ago. We have taken a great leap forward and at last, registered it as an official company. Party time Big Grin!

    This should now give us an ability to start asking for donations in the near future, to help the development and hopefully reduce the strain on our wallets to upkeep all of this (It is not cheap to upkeep the servers and afford other things what we need). Donations are also something which many of you have been asking about for a long time now. There will, of course, be in-game rewards and other things for pre-early access donators to show our gratitude for the help. Everything related to donations, donation rewards, donation amounts and etc. will all be properly documented, then when we decide to open up our donations page.

    There have also been some changes in the team due to the registering of the company. We now have 3 main team leaders.
    • Maron will be in charge of the Art related items. (3D modeling, textures, main game art style etc.)
    • Sridutt will be in charge of everything related to Game programming.
    • Vincent will be in charge of everything backend and assist Sridutt on the game programming side too. (Mainly server upkeep, creating APIs and making sure all of it works flawlessly etc.)
    Otherwise, we are making good progress on creating 3D models for our alpha map called "Alaska". And we have also started doing some proper small detail blackouts on the map too. We are trying to implement features into the map to make the level design more interesting. Instead of quite a flat terrain with a few high hills, we will now have a lot of terrain height fluctuation going on everywhere. Pictures of this progress will be released in a future development blog.

    Website Changelog: 
    IMPROVEMENT: Our website should be much faster now. The pipeline is now unclogged.

    Game Changelog:

    New Features
    NEW 3D: Tunnel pieces
    NEW 3D: Modular scaffolding
    NEW 3D: Modular floodlights
    NEW 3D: Construction site fences
    NEW 3D: Tunnel cables
    NEW 3D: Tunnel pipes
    NEW 3D: Modular tunnel fences for the tunnel sidewalk
    NEW 3D: Modular wood stairs
    NEW 3D: Wood view platform
    NEW 3D: "Tunnel ahead" sign

    Tweaks & Improvements
    FIXED: Retrieving the loadout from the API and fully loading it should work properly now.

    [Image: LKBuWoY.png]
    "Alaska" tunnel

    [Image: VZ9oAHg.png]
    Scaffolding and construction fences

    [Image: NTU913L.png]
    Modular floodlights

    [Image: Jms02zn.png]
    "Tunnel ahead" sign

    [Image: aPcJZQn.png]
    Modular wood stairs

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    [Image: c3i86in.jpg]
    [Image: 8x7W3n3.png]

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    Cool Stuff!

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    How many maps have u guys already have?

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    I think they have most of the maps, because the game will come out in Q3.
    But i don't know how many progress they can do in 1/2 months

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    Q3???What does that mean?
    thx for asnwer bro.

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    Q3 is the third quarter (July - September)


    The game won't be released this year. For more information about this, please have a look at the Development Blog 7, there we tell why and how we proceed


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    Im looking forward to play this its getting amazing but just one question.For people who have a low spec pc,will it be playable on that low spec pc??

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    Oh , sad thing.
    But at least the game will be released and that's more than enough for me

    OS: Microsoft Windows Vista or higher
    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core: 2Ghzs OR AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    RAM: 2 GB
    Disk Space: 6 GB
    Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT530
    (you can go to the Game section , and check it yourself)

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    Looking good guys! Can't wait for the game!

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