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        Development blog número 6 is here for all of you. 
        It has been a busy 2 weeks since our last blog post and we have managed to do a decent amount of progress during that time. We are still continuing to prioritize work on 3D models so this will be a good news for those who like to see the progress of in-game items. (There will be quite many 3D models in the picture section today.)

    We have been discussing Project Fury UI design a bit internally and we have come to a decision, that our future direction with the in-game UI is to make it modern. It will be using clean white minimalistic but very user-friendly design.

    Possible UI color scheme:
    WHITE - 95% of the UI items
    BLUE and ORANGE will be used respectively for teammates and enemies. We will add an additional color for squad members, but that color will have to be decided still.

    One of our developers has already started with a total revamp of the in-game UI to modernize it with minimalistic design, so we might be able to show off the new design in a couple of weeks.


    New Features
    WIP 3D: Small warehouse
    WIP 3D: 13 different Road Signs which we can easily modify.
    WIP 3D: Construction site warning signs.
    WIP 3D: Gas station
    WIP 3D: Big gas station sign
    WIP 3D: Car Repair shop next to the gas station
    WIP 3D Gas station Props: Skip Bin, Ice Machine, Tires
    WIP 3D Props: 3 different lengths of metal beams.
    WIP 3D: Old street lamp

    Tweaks & Improvements
    UI: Health bar becomes visible only then when you get damaged.
    UI: Minimap now features flag positions.
    UI: Minimap size has been increased.
    UI: Moved the ticket counter, game timer and flag status to the top of the screen. And improved their design.
    ADDED UI: Squad list is next to the minimap.

    [Image: yszSfAq.png]
    "Road Signs 1"
    [Image: PghariP.png]
    "Road Signs 2"
    [Image: RazimYG.png]
    "Construction Site Warning Signs"
    [Image: jBVf68o.png]
    [Image: QCWBkkj.png]
    "Gas Station props"

    [Image: DS6eiCD.png]"Small Warehouse"

    [Image: MXbaIKN.png]"Lamp Post"

    [Image: CO7APFM.png]
    "WIP: In-game UI Top bar ticket, time and flag counter"

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    05-31-2018, 05:05 PM

    Looks great! 

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    05-31-2018, 05:52 PM

    Looking forward to play it when you release it! Big Grin
    But the UI reminds me a bit of the Battlefield 1 UI, was that wanted?

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    05-31-2018, 06:10 PM

    (05-31-2018, 05:52 PM)Zagrthos Wrote: Looking forward to play it when you release it! Big Grin
    But the UI reminds me a bit of the Battlefield 1 UI, was that wanted?

    Really nice to know that. Keep up the support.
    No, that similarity was not our intent. We are going to be working on the UI a lot, so it is subject to change.

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    God , this looks sooo nice! I can't wait to play this when it releases , i can already imagine me wielding a SPAS-12 with a MP-412 REX...

    [Image: latest?cb=20120530174152]

    [Image: latest?cb=20110603205105]

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    05-31-2018, 07:34 PM

    I can't wait until the game will be released ://

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    05-31-2018, 08:49 PM

    Very nice! 

    look at the stars fall down

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    05-31-2018, 10:17 PM

    das sieht sehr gut aus und freue mich auf das game

    Du bist Gestorben

    Da war ich einfach 11/12 Jahre alt xD und trz besser wie 18 jährige usw :


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    06-01-2018, 11:36 AM

    It's great to see things coming together Big Grin Keep up the good work <3

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    06-01-2018, 03:33 PM

    Excited as always to see more and more updates! Can't wait to see all the pieces begin to come together!


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