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    05-29-2018, 08:15 PM

    Hello Guys,

    how did you come to your username? Has it a special meaning? 

    I will start with my regular name; Deadsaster

    Deadsaster contains the words, "Dead" and "Disaster". This should mean, when I arrive it will lead to many dead - like a Disaster. 
    I used this name in BFP4F the first time. And from that point on, I use it in every shooter game.

    Now for my second nickname; Technexx

    The name comes from the clock on my desk. But the name Nexxtech had already been forgiven in Minecraft so I decided to switch the syllables.
    [Image: yyteq4ui.jpg]
    It is my very first nickname. I use it in Minecraft and any other game - except shooters. I like it because it sounds a bit futuristic and it is related to engineering stuff.

    In BFP4F I ve also used the Name Technoxx, but only because I didnt have a better idea. Its basically Technexx with an "o" instead of an "e".

    I barely use the name Agent-GG. It is set together from Agent and a short version of my YouTube name. 

    So now it's your turn. Tell us about your name!



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    05-30-2018, 11:56 PM

    I'm was young and wanted to play Xbox but i didn't have a name. xD Then i saw my printer from Epson. And dada, Epeson was born. 

    And i like little "events" like this. It brings more life in here. Keep it up! 

    look at the stars fall down

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    I wish I had a fascinating story. I did back in the day when I was using my pseudonym, but right now..... It's just my name.


    [Image: brand.png]

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    I do not have any great story for mine either, my brother was always FIRExSCOUTx97 "FIRExSCOUT" came from the remotely piloted helicopter named Fire Scout. I followed shortly after with ACExASSASSINx101 "Ace" as in the military term for being "great" so to speak, "Assassin" because I like to be a stealthy killer (Splinter cell was my shit!)
    and the numbers in my brother's name represents his birth year, mine meant nothing. But once online came around everyone started just calling me Ace instead of my lengthy name, now here we are today, going by Ace wherever it is not taken.

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    08-13-2018, 07:27 PM

    I pretty much had no idea for a nickname, at some point I called myself Gem something something and people shortened it and called me Gem, so Gemesil was born, no meaning behind the name.
    Throughout the years I had more nicknames that people knew me by:
    TS1de - My nickname when I was really into csgo, means terrorist side with a really 1337 speech.
    FCwww - a nickname Iv'e been using for anything I consider not important. I remember that at the time of making it(2013) I had a friend who was a fan of FC (the soccer team) and although soccer doesn't interest me I thought it would be a good nickname if I add something on it. People have been calling me FCwww since, about a year ago I changed it to just fcw because that's how people usually read my nickname shortened.

    [Image: c3i86in.jpg]
    [Image: 8x7W3n3.png]

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    My user name comes from my Star War Galaxies MMO days; a group of friends all started playing at the same time, using our RL first name (Ben) and a fictional in-game surname (Ifeco) ... BenIfeco.

    I have stuck with this for pretty much all games since then =)

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    Kalisto(or MrKalisto) is my favorite wrestler, hence the name Smile

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    SquarerFive, square with five sides?

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