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        We have our 5th Development blog for you guys today. We finished fixing all errors which were caused by restructuring our whole UE4 project folder set up soon after the release of our 4th development blog.
        In the last 2 weeks, we have started to prioritize work on 3D modeling, especially the Alaska map buildings. Our plan is to make detailed block out models of all buildings with finalized dimensions and have all necessary pieces added to them. After that, we will start gradually doing small detail work on them and finally start texturing after the detailing stage. Our main goal with 3D buildings is to make almost all of them fully modular, which gives us an ability to create many different buildings without the need of having to create a separate 3D model for each building every time. This will also let us create more creative looking buildings with more fun layouts.


    New Features
    WIP 3D: Fully modular apartment building
    WIP 3D: Corner Bakery/Cafe shop
    WIP 3D: Construction site building
    WIP 3D: Fish shop
    WIP 3D: Grocery store sign
    ADDED: Started work on weapon loadout system.
    ADDED: Started work on basic weapon customization system.

    Known Bugs & Glitches
    BUG: Character randomly teleports in multiplayer.

    Tweaks & Improvements
    3D: Fish factory warehouse
    The character model is now waiting to be retopologized into a game ready model.
    Soldier selection has been redesigned.

    Modular Apartment building test build

    [Image: hzBrveL.png]
     Construction site building

    [Image: WuxGIMW.png]
    Corner Bakery / Cafe shop

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    good Big Grin

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    It's nice to see the process! Keep it up. #hype

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    05-17-2018, 02:42 PM

    Looks great!

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    05-17-2018, 03:24 PM

    Really great work, gentlemen. Keep it up Big Grin

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    05-18-2018, 08:31 PM

    Keeps getting better!

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    Awesome work u guys cant wait for more ^_^

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    (05-21-2018, 10:40 AM)HIGHDAMAGE Wrote: Awesome work u guys cant wait for more ^_^

    There will be more for sure Big Grin!

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    Keep going and finish it ASAP I want to play! GJ

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    Good work! ;]

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