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    Hello Everyone,

    We've been doing a bit of testing at the moment with our clan systems and I'd like to get a few people together to try the system at the moment.

    There are a few features that aren't quite ready to go live yet, but we would like some feedback on how things are looking at the moment.

    To signup, drop me a line and let me know:

    1. What you want your clan to be called.
    2. What image you want for your clan logo. (Ideally 250x250px)
    3. What image you want for the banner at the top of your clan page. (Ideally 1920x500)
    The rest of the settings can be customised by yourself.

    As part of the clan testing, you will be agreeing that you are happy to use an alpha system, that could possibly lead to loss of data. You also agree that this system might be closed down at any point without warning.

    [Image: brand.png]

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    1 Clan Name : 7 DeutschePanzerDivision
    2[Image: yDdaTcU]
    [Image: SpEgbUS]

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    Is this alive? (clan stuff)

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