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    Hey everyone, welcome to our first development blog of many to come. We have decided to start creating development blogs to have more transparency of how Project Fury is evolving, changing and what we are up to in the future. In development blogs, we will be putting together things what we have worked on since the last blog post (this doesn´t stand for the first blog of course) and introduce new features or in-game items to come. 

    Things to look forward to in the upcoming Development Blogs:
    • Exclusive Information
    • Pictures
    • Short video clips of in-game content or previews.
    • Insight into some of the work processes.
    Our development blogs will be a weekly or over weekly occurrence, so keep your eye out for them, because there will always be some interesting information in them.

    New Features
    • Select your in-game character from the main menu.
    • Started design work on an improved design of the Main Menu system. (Play Now button area is still not decided on.)
    Known Bugs & Glitches
    • Remaining bullet count is off by 1. The first magazine gets 1 extra bullet. And the last bullet in the magazine is 0.
    • Minimap rotation and offset are totally wrong.
    • The soldier has a weird hover bug which causes you to float and your movement to be extra smooth. This glitch also doesn´t allow you to shoot.
    Tweaks & Improvements
    • Automated cliff material displayed on steep angles.
    • More realistic looking hillsides.
    • New grass material for the ground.
    • Customizable basic water material.
    • We have decided to create a new soldier model to streamline the work and make character customization easier.
    • Tweaked and made the project folder structure better.
    • The soldier doesn't spawn an extra pawn anymore upon spawning in-game.

    [Image: u0dFuI2.png]
    The version 2.0 of the Main Menu.

    [Image: rwW1Yrz.png]
    A little in-game screenshot of the first map progress so far, featuring a little preview the hillsides, water, and the Lighthouse Island.

    Project Fury Team!

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    Good job guys!

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    (03-13-2018, 12:40 PM)EirikTheOutLaw Wrote: Good job guys!

    Thank you, bud Big Grin!

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    Looks good so far! Smile

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