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    07-02-2019, 09:51 PM

    Listen up soldiers,

    We are going to be doing some combat engineering out in the field this weekend, or in more technical terms, we'll be making massive changes to our infrastructure and our servers.

    We're doing this as a means to both improve performance of our servers, get more power available for development/testing & also to reduce our current operating costs.

    We'll be transitioning our website & backend systems to a different server over the weekend, which means that all of our services will be offline or operating at a reduced capacity until the work is complete.

    All systems apart from our discord server will be affected and you can expect to temporarily lose access to:

    The website
    Community Forums
    API systems

    Rest assured, this will be a painless transition and downtime will be minimized as much as possible for all services. You will see a maintenance screen in place like this whilst we are moving.

    As you were soldiers.

    [Image: brand.png]

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