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    It's been a few weeks since we've put one of these out, but we're definitely still here and its very much business as usual within the team.

    First of all, we're happy to see that you guys are still following our development, gives us one of those warm fuzzy feelings. We're also very happy to announce that Jan, our old 2D artist has re-joined our team after a long holiday to help us out once again.

    Website Changelog:
    NEW: - Account currency now shows in the top right corner of the website
    NEW: - All ingame store transactions and donations show in your user profile
    NEW: - The registration process for new players is simpler
    NEW: - We now accept donations of any amount 

    Engine & 3D Changelog:

    NEW: - Character model completely redefined
    NEW: - Character model textures changed
    NEW: - Glock22 & UMP setup in engine

    NEW: - Spawning, Squads & loadouts now work and load from API system
    NEW: - Conquest mode fully implimented

    In progress: - Animations for UMP
    In progress: - Second map


    Our character model & sneaky weapon preview

    [Image: iKTg0ah.png]

    Our character model with a severe lack of clothes

    [Image: EltDs98.png]

    Now, its not gone unnoticed in the team that we rarely show in engine footage, this is something that will be changing from this dev blog. We love working on things until they are shiny and polished, but with the fantastic work that SquarerV has been putting into the engine recently, I don't think it would be fair not to show it off to you all.

    Ingame spawn UI preview:

    Flag capture preview (some parts of the UI have been omitted due to various reasons):

    As mentioned earlier, we have now decided to start accepting donations, as quite a few in our community have commented that they would like to help out in this way.

    You can use this as an opportunity to grab an alpha key at this stage, or to just help us with the upkeep of our servers. More information and rewards that we are offering can be found on the donation page.

    Thanks for reading & I'll see you for the next one with some more in engine footage.

    [Image: brand.png]

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    Looking good!

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    nice, you only forgot to pin the thread.

    [Image: c3i86in.jpg]
    [Image: 8x7W3n3.png]

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    Very nice Smile !

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    Very nice!!!!!
    Keep it up.

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    Sweet Big Grin

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    Really nice work !

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    Thanks for the update, keep it up!

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    Hell yeah, this makes my day good

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    good job!

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