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2019 Website - Keith - 01-31-2019

Hello Soldiers,

Get in line to take a look at our brand new website.

We're still transferring some functions over from our old site, so some bits and pieces you might have been used to will take a few more days to make the transition.

If you find yourself coming under friendly fire (some nasty bugs) please feel free to report them wherever you can see a lowly developer hanging around.

This website should be much more friendly for mobiles & should be a bit quicker and easier to use. We've also made this change in anticipation of alpha testing which will be starting in the next few months. Keep an eye out for the next dev blog which will cover this in more detail.

Carry on soldiers

RE: 2019 Website - xBigos - 01-31-2019

It's Great!

RE: 2019 Website - EirikTheOutLaw - 01-31-2019

Damn this looks great!

RE: 2019 Website - R_Evolution_1 - 01-31-2019

Very good job guys.

RE: 2019 Website - x1peacemaker1x - 02-01-2019

Love the NEW website! Excellent job stands out more and all the little tweaks make it more community involved and set up correctly. Love the look and new additions. Can not wait for the release of this game!


RE: 2019 Website - Gemesil - 02-01-2019

Definitely noticed its now quicker, good job!

p.s - noobs rule

RE: 2019 Website - ProM3dicer - 02-02-2019

Nice website

RE: 2019 Website - VepiX - 02-03-2019

Looks good Smile

RE: 2019 Website - gaith48 - 02-08-2019

hello i would like to ask you guys how many days are you going to finsh  keep up amazing work  can you guys hurry a littile bit make a battle field play4free beta early realse  put only on 2 map or 3  see ya guys have a nice day Smile

RE: 2019 Website - Deadsaster - 02-08-2019

Hello gaith48,

this is not a Battlefield Play4Free remake. We are developing our very own game. Our goal is to release an alpha version this year. For any updates about the development visit our Discord server or check the forum for development notes

Best regards