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DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Keith - 10-15-2018


Hi everyone. its been a bit of a gap since our last blog. We're all very much still here, but most of what we're working on at the moment doesn't look "visually" impressive and we like showing things off =)

I'd like to welcome Alex to the team, who joins us as a much needed graphic designer. His skills are superb and you will notice some of his work in this blog, around the site & in future updates.

Website Changelog:

NEW: - You can now use Two Factor Auth to secure your PF account even further. Full details are available via the link.

UPDATED: - We are continuing to accept donations of any amount as we mentioned last month. We've also got a little tracker on that page to show how our funding is looking so far. I will also be starting to post updates on exactly what we're spending this donation money on.

UPDATED : - Even though our background video was #LitAF, it really didn't help to get that Lurpak like experience that we were looking for. For the moment, it's been switched out with a nice gray and things should load much quicker for you =)

NEW: I actually managed to fix embedding videos on the forums whilst writing this dev blog. hah!

Engine & 3D Changelog:

NEW: Managing & connecting to dedicated game servers is now buttery smooth.
NEW: Ability to ping gameservers from PF client & join a server based on lowest ping

NEW: Main menu redesign -

[Image: CD51mVy.png]
NEW: Soldier & Animations - 

NEW: The minimap has been redesigned to make it easier to communicate critical information like "they're at 150 bro" - 

[Image: Minimap.PNG]

Due to the long time this has taken to get out, I'm also going to throw in a little picture of the developer testing map that we use to try out new UI features and in game experiences. We will be including this with lots of content for players to explore in Alpha testing.

[Image: bbnc5dA.png]

The next dev blog will be in two weeks time so set your stopwatches, mark it on your calendar or do whatever you young whippersnappers do these days to remember things.


RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Flayzian - 10-15-2018

Those screenshots looking very sexy, good luck!

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Resurreccion - 10-16-2018


RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Gemesil - 10-16-2018

Looks pretty good, although I don't understand what use will the daily challenge leaderboards have when more than 5 players will play the game.

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - panira - 10-16-2018

Well done, can't wait for the new updates

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - abnel - 10-20-2018

Love the design

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Alex - 10-20-2018

Glad to see the project is alive and doing well.

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - Muswmu - 10-29-2018

Juicy ²

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - ALBERTO996 - 11-04-2018

cant wait

RE: DEVELOPMENT BLOG #10 - VepiX - 11-04-2018

Looks great! Smile