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Posted on by Keith

Its been an interesting couple of weeks behind the scenes for us here with a couple of ups and downs.

Firstly, we’ve had a bit of an issue with out Git repository, for some unknown reason (probably my fault), we woke up one rainy Sunday morning to find our entire Git repo was just missing. Fortunately, not a massive issue because as part of Git, we all have local copies of the repository, which is all well and good, but the question then becomes, how much of a pain in the arse is it to upload over 30GB of files to a git repository?

Turns out quite a big pain in the arse.

So, over the past few months, the size of our engine has gotten so large that actually re-uploading everything back to a git server proved a bit tricky.

Anyway, long story short, we’ve managed to get everything back up and running, but this means that we don’t have a build this week to show pieces from, instead we’ve been working on a few ancillary parts for the game, so this blog will mainly show some of these parts off


As mentioned in the last dev blog, we released our launcher to our Alpha testers after a large bit of work on it, including porting the entire code from basic to C#, because me learning one new language just didn’t seem like too much of a challenge.

I’ve spent a bit of time with the Alpha team and I’ve already taken on some of the feedback and made some changes as well as fixing a few bugs that came out when running on other computers.

In case you’re interested, you can read the launcher change log right here (Dark Theme). As soon as we’re happy that we’ve gotten rid of what bugs exist, I’ll release the launcher to everyone. I’m aiming for 06/05/19 as a general release.


As part of the launcher testing, we’ve also been testing our new CDN system which we’ll be using to distribute the launcher and the engine to everyone.

Some stats from our launcher & dev tests

Our CDN will make sure that when we launch, you all get the blazing speeds you young whippersnappers demand these days.


Our resident modeler and artist Miha has been spending the past week making some oh so sexy models for our Alpha map Alaska. Have a look at some of this jaw dropping work

Who doesn’t love a crane?
Just look at that sheen
For general purposes only. No non general purpose allowed.
Ready for a tree

Alaska Town Name

We noticed the other day that after all these months, we just don’t have a name for our Alaskan town. After some debate in our developer discord we have finally settled on a name that I feel really represents the style of the town we’ve created with blood and sweat over the last few months.

Welcome to the town of Geoff </sarcasm>

Keep your eyes peeled. The next blog will have a nice shiny download link for you =)

As you were soldiers.

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