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Its been a quiet few weeks from the development team due to a few bits and bobs going on behind the scenes.

Some Stuff

We’re making the push to switch to UE 4.22 to take advantage of a few new features this provides us, not the least of which is decreasing our build times by up to 600%, we’ve also finished working on our custom patching system which will help to make changes when we launch our alpha testing.

Working on the patching system.

As always, don’t forget you can check on what we’ve been up to on our updates page

I’m pleased to also announce that we will be releasing our launcher on the 25th of April for alpha players to download.

Future Dev Blogs

You might have noticed that this dev blog isn’t where it usually is, or looking like it usually does. After the many months of writing these out on our forums, I got well and truly bored of working with the editor and having to jury rig youtube videos and other embeds to work every time we wanted to post an update, so I snapped and completely integrated this new blog system into our site and user account system. You should automatically be logged in here and be able to comment on posts, just like you could on the forums. If things seem a bit out of whack, drop me a line.

This makes it much easier for me or other team members to post dev blogs and little updates, as well as any other behind the scenes content.

This should also make it easier for our reddit mod to post our blogs on our ProjectFury subreddit. Hah. Betcha didn’t know that was a thing.

Boring Updates

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks getting things ready for when we hit that magic button and invite our alpha testers to face us in battle.

First, and definitely the most boring, our launcher has had a bit of an overhaul.

Our launcher has also been rewritten in C# and takes advantage of some new technologies to make user experience nice and sexy.

We have created three update systems for our launcher:

1 – Self Update – This automatically checks our API system for new launcher updates and automatically updates you to the latest version when one is found.

2 – Game Update – This again checks our API system for the latest game version and updates your game version automatically for you.

3 – Patch Update – During Alpha, the vast majority of work that we undertake will be patch updates. These again are self managed by the launcher, much smaller than a game update, and automatically slot into the engine. These will usually comprise map updates and other updates that don’t affect core functionality of the game itself.

Exciting Updates

We’ve spent the past two weeks running various tests of our systems and have been tweaking a lot of our build tools which we currently use to build internal development builds.

We’re now at a point where we are happy with the stability of our dedicated server and we’re finishing up a few core features of the game client.

For the moment, we are planning on releasing into alpha with a linux server and a windows client, then going on to test linux clients during alpha/beta.

Our build system also now works by automatically pushing game updates to players and automatically updating running game servers when a new update is available. I’ll be writing more about this at some point.

Automation ftw

We also have a few updates to our UI and models. We’ve completely replaced the way that UI updates are fired from our server which means that not only is our network latency reduced by quite a large amount, but it also means that we’ve stamped on a particularly annoying bug where other players would suddenly develop multiple personality disorder and decide that they all want to have the same name as you do.

New level transition screen
Joining a server with no info

Our minimap has also had a kick in the rear and now also gives you another level of detail about just what is happening in your world, showing players & objective details right there.

We’ve also made some changes to some models and in anticipation of actually having people see these up close in what can only be described as 1995 “HD ready” resolution.

An apartment building under construction
An industrial warehouse

We’ve also made a few changes to the textures of our weapons and have even gone as far to make a few bits and bobs that you will be able to stick on top of them.

Whats next?

Good question.

We were hoping to launch in alpha at the start of this month, but due to a few pesky bugs that needed to be ironed out we didn’t get around to that.

We’re aiming to launch our alpha testing shortly, but like usual the only date we can give right now is “soon”. Please rest assured that soon is much sooner than ever before.

As mentioned, we’ll be releasing our launcher before the month is out for players to download and we’ll be posting more updates about that closer to the date.

For our next development blog I’m going to post about just what you can expect from our Alpha & go on a video walk through of our launcher & first map.

As you were. Carry on.

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