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Posted on by Keith

This weeks dev blog is going to be a little bit shorter than usual as what I was hoping to do I haven’t managed to get done thanks to a combination of a shit raid controller and some bad timing.

Our last git updates and progress on our engine. You can also see a live version of this here:, due to possible security issues, no fine details are shown on this live updates page.

[Image: TivAmNP.jpg]

Miha has been working hard on our Alaska map and sprucing up quite a few of the locations & models on the map:

[Image: swL4RU6.jpg]
[Image: rKKr7Gj.jpg]
[Image: R1KBTzE.jpg]

Sam has also been doing some brilliant work on our new Alpha map and working with our new landscaping system and workflow to get some sexy scenery in place

[Image: PgQkg5M.jpg]
[Image: RhJ1KlT.jpg]

We’ve also completely finished work on our launcher and installer for Alpha testing. It’s great to finally see the PF icon in the application menu after so many months

[Image: OLNj0fA.png]
[Image: tvVxWTE.png]

Like I said earlier, this is a much shorter devblog than I was hoping to put out, a few technological issues this week for me. I’ll make it up for all of you next blog I promise!

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