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This weeks development blog is going to be less visual than usual, alot of our work these past two weeks have been with some l33t coding, but I’ll do my best to keep things interesting for you all.

Normal stuff, for non nerds:

First of all, I’m incredibly happy to welcome back Miha to our team, some of you might remember Miha used to be part of our team as a level designer and modeller. He was also the absolute genius who worked on our original landscaping and materials. Needless to say, it’s an absolute pleasure to have him back on board with us.

Just a little example of some sexy texturing done by Miha on our Alaska map:

[Image: mimqPHI.jpg]

We’ve been doing alot work with our dedicated server and our matchmaking system. Our basic system is coming together thanks to some great design by Alex and some crisp coding from Sridutt. Our two testing servers are being put through their paces in anticipation for Alpha

[Image: VJKxTtS.png]

We’ve been doing lots of work on our new Alpha level, which has come together fantastically thanks to some great work by Sam, who has really taken the original concept that I came up with of small farm lands and developed it into a twisty, CQC epic.

We’re not quite ready to show off any details of the map this week (next dev blog I’ll show you around the map personally), so for now, here is a very zoomed out sneaky view. See if you can pinpoint what you think the various locations will be!

[Image: fjQobo6.png]

Our resident and chief genius SquarerV has been working hard on our player telemetry system, which is the core behind our stats system and keep an eye on just how many people you’ve managed to pwn with dat sweet P90 you just unlocked. 

Nerdy stuff, for the nerds:

As I’m going to start doing from now on, here’s a snippet of our git logs for the past two weeks to show you what we’ve all been up to. Some things have been omitted for security of privacy reasons:

[Image: LPfUFL2.png]

Just out of interest, would anyone be interested in a public version of our git logs anywhere? If the interest is there I might consider creating a public log on our development timeline somewhere.

And here is our current dev builds folder. As you can see, there have been quite a lot of things we have been trying out recently:

[Image: qlsRR8B.png]

I don’t have a massive amount more to talk about this week without diving into some C# and blueprints, so for this week, I’ll leave you with this:

Why you gotta be such a pretty place Alaska.

Next dev blog will have a full video showing off our new map & I’ll be taking you through some more things that we’re up to as well as when we are aiming for our alpha testing to start. Hopefully next week I can actually have power and internet at my house and not have to rush this out two hours after it was supposed to be out.

Until next time soldiers. Thanks for your patience.

As you were.

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