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We know just how long its been since our last dev blog and how much a new one has been requested so wet your whistles because here one comes!

First of all, there have been a few changes to the development team once again, Maron will now be taking an administrative role in development and carrying on to work closely with the community. Sam has stepped up and is making some great progress with our new alpha level which should be ready in time for our alpha release 


We’ve realised that the map we wanted to release during alpha was simply too large and too big a task to complete in the revised time scale that we’ve set internally for alpha testing and we’ve temporarily put this on hold whilst we work on our new sexy alpha map currently enthusiastically called “Farm”. More information on this will be posted in the next blog.

I know that there has been little information put out over the past month, but you can rest assured that we’ve still been working behind the scenes on a lot of material. I’ll start with the most boring stuff first!

We’ve got a new website. In case you couldn’t tell. I mean, I hope you could tell, because you know. You’re looking at it.
If you find yourself taking friendly fire (bugs round every corner) drop me a line and I’ll send a team of noobs to examine the problem.

Our development pipeline up until last month was somewhat poor, all developers would pull from git and remotely build development versions. This has now changed dramatically, we’re now using a custom built git  repository that hosts all of our current development work which feeds into jenkins system, which will automatically pull the latest builds, build, package and deploy to what will eventually be our live download system. This is all a completely automatic system,which means that we can stop sitting with our computers waiting for changes to code to compile and spend more time developing and testing. This has really improved our development pipeline and helped us get so much more done in the past month than I think we’ve done in the past 6.

[Image: E830Ddv.png]

This also pushes automatically to our launcher which codebase is now fully stable, but at a very “early” state with the UI:

[Image: BXMLNdF.png]

[Image: RCK5rZ7.png]

Our custom game servers also build concurrently with our new jenkins system and also deploy and startup automatically onto one of our testing servers. This is a very small step for what will be vital in our alpha access for continuous updates and improvement. All three of our public facing systems, our launcher, our client & our gameservers now all compile and update automatically when a new update is pushed.

In case you care, this is a little snapshot of our test engine connecting to our coordinator and backend:

[Image: n4MuwN2.png]

We have also done some basic testing using AWS services in order to spin up gameservers on the fly, this might be something we look into for short rental scenarios like clan wars or practice.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve been getting alot of work done behind the scenes. Here’s a picture if you don’t believe me!

[Image: o4ziK7e.png]

As in the last dev blog, our favourite Canadian has been hard at work again in some very nice UI design for our main menu which is now about 75% implimented in engine, here’s a little preview:

[Image: rgilKYQ.png]

[Image: NsRh61e.png]

I’ll show some more ingame UI during our next dev blog, we’re at a good point but still a few kinks to straighten out.

In game, our favourite Australian SquarerV has been doing fantastic work on debugging some bare metal code with the engine as well as adding some nifty new features. The objective system works a hell of a lot better than it did last time and our account system is now working alot more reliably. This really is the core of the engine and something we want to be as buttery smooth before even thinking about alpha. We also have a very wip revive system for all you wonderful medics out there and a spotting system that we will remind players about constantly whilst advising to ptfo.

We’re still doing alot of work with how our character model responds to physics events. Check out this hilarious ragdoll.

This is obviously very much still work in progress.

Oh also, check out this lovely river from our new alpha map. Because, why not?

We’re very much excited at how things are progressing. Bear in mind, like usual, the videos and pictures posted here are probably not indicative of the finished product and just a little preview. I hope you’re as excited as we are for the next few months.

Oh, also, I know some of you will have been looking at that git log and especially this part:

[Image: Ok5t0hX.png]

Well that wasn’t a typo.

[Image: GroIYxx.png]

And it works.

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