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Posted on by Keith


Listen up, soldiers we have our 4th Development blog for you guys today. We haven´t been posting dev blogs for 2 weeks for now due to us redoing our whole UE4 project folder set up. Reworking the folder structure is finished, but now we are trying to fix the reference errors which it caused. It has been a little bit of a setback, but a needed one.


New Features
CONCEPT: Basic weapon customization submenu.
CONCEPT: Basic soldier customization submenu.
ADDED: First enterable vehicle. (3D model is just a box model outline of the vehicle.)

Known Bugs & Glitches
BUG: Vehicle launches into orbit after exiting the vehicle. (Possible reason – Player character sticks out at the bottom of the vehicle and after exiting it just pushes the car upwards.)
Vehicle flips over very easily, due to too basic set up.
GLITCH: Player can sometimes push the vehicle around.

Tweaks & Improvements
3D: Fish factory model.
3D: Tiny warehouse model.
3D: Small house next to the lighthouse.
New 3D: Wall mounted air conditioning unit.

WE ARE GETTING THERE FIX: Player name is now showing the computer name in MP. But still doesn´t show the players character name.

VIDEO – Project Fury Vehicle Test #1 

[Image: kZzXyOS.png]

The basic vehicle 

[Image: LGIwSBT.png]

Weapon Customization submenu 

[Image: aMH8LQC.png]

Air Conditioning Unit 

[Image: Zmd0nnA.png]

Small House for the Lighthouse

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