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Listen up, soldiers we have yet another Development blog for you guys today. 
First of all, we would like to announce the winning recon class icon. The winner is …”DRUMROLL”… version 3 with 64 votes on our Forum and countless votes in the Facebook Group. As a result, that icon will now appear in the game.

[Image: c3kRFdc.png]

Icon 3 – Cross
Last week was quite busy with implementing new things into the game. Sridutt has worked quite vigorously on getting our new main menu home tab into the game and has been most successful with it. It still has a lot of bugs and fancy items missing but the basic functionality of it is now working. Also, Sridutt and Vincent got the friendslist to work properly. The arrays and some backend stuff turned out to be a little bit of a hassle for it. 

If you guys and gals have been following our social media, then you must have already seen the picture released on 24th March. Where we showed off a block out of the USSR Aircraft carrier called Admiral Kuznetsov. (The 3d model of it will be finished in the future.) On the other hand, the work has started on creating detailed in-game assets for the Lighthouse Island. Lighthouse and the Lighthouse generator shack are the first ones in production at now.

Also, we had our first developer multiplayer playtest of the basic game last weekend, which went quite well. We discovered a few new bugs. And some old bugs which have somehow reappeared again after upgrading to UE 4.19.

Our clan system is now also live, but we have opted to leave it as a closed system. You will have to sign up for it by commenting on this forum link (…239#pid239) or by sending Vincent a private message that you wish to join the clan testing.


New Features
ADDED: Friendslist has been added to the game and it displays your online and offline friends.

Known Bugs & Glitches
GLITCH: A twin of your soldier gets spawned in the game which does the exact same body movements as you. (Happened twice.)
BUG: Player name not showing in the MP.
BUG: Weapons appear in wrong places in MP.
BUG: You can climb straight up some cliffs by spamming the jump button.
BUG: The server does not restart the match after the end of the match.
BUG: Damage counter which shows damage given to the enemy gets stuck on your screen.

Tweaks & Improvements
ADVANCEMENT: Main menu home screen design has been halfway implemented into the game.
Currently the main menu supports the following resolutions – 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4k
WIP 3D: Lighthouse
WIP 3D: Lighthouse generator shack.

FIX: Pressing the Home button and not being able to click anything else is now fixed. 

[Image: ISmigVE.png]

WIP: Lighthouse and the Generator Shack

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