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  • Development Blog #2
Posted on by Keith


Hey everyone, welcome to our second development blog. This week has been a little slow in development due to us waiting for UE 4.19 to be released.
Also, Vincent has been working hard on the clan system for a few weeks now. It will be ready for release this week on the website, so keep your eyes open for that and get ready to create your own clans.

The Changelog:

New Features

  • Upgraded the Project Fury engine to UE 4.19.

Tweaks & Improvements

  • Added underwater effects to the water.
  • Main Menu has had design improvements. Reworked the whole Squad and Friendslist tab. These changes are now being added to the game.
  • Lighthouse island has progressed even further. It now features a road, rocks, and cliffs.
[Image: qAR5SEM.png]

Main Menu improvements.

[Image: XiTJSSE.jpg]

Lighthouse Island changes.

[Image: ltQPmpn.png]

Underwater effects.

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