• Original Idea

    December 2015

    The idea was developed to revive Battlefield Play4Free after it was closed by EA. Nothing happened with this original idea.

  • ProjectFury

    January 2017

    ProjectFury is born to create a F2P FPS that is inspired by Battlefield Play4Free, but built completely from the ground up.

  • First Engine build

    Completed in September 2017

    Build a working engine that compiles on Windows, Mac & Linux.

  • Website

    Completed in October 2017

    Main launch of our public website to let people register interest and accounts for the upcoming game.

  • Game Server & Server Browser

    Completed in November 2017

    Create a system that ties game servers together and allows game servers to register to be played in.

  • Internal Builds

    Completed in Q1 2018

    Release a series of pre release versions within the development team for testing.

  • Art & Model Development

    Continue to polish up current and new art & models.

  • Alpha Video Release

    Release our Alpha video preview.

  • Early Access

    Release ProjectFury into Early Access.

  • Public Beta

    Release ProjectFury into full Beta.

  • Full Release

    There will be fireworks.