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Development Blog #8
What are u guys thinking about hackers??
Maybe make free servers better then bf p4f.
Continue the great job Smile Smile

HAHAHA The bf p4f old times... people flying, killing through the walls.
I hope this game will be good as the p4f , even better
when are u guys thinking in release a alpha versin(in time line exemple:this year , q1 of 2019)?

There is no exatct date for the release at the moment. Everything I can say, that it wont be this year. Stay tuned! 
who wait 2 years can wait a little longer so.
(07-18-2018, 04:50 PM)R_Evolution-1 Wrote:  I think they have most of the maps, because the game will come out in Q3.
But i don't know how many progress they can do in 1/2 months

what is q3?
Hello @SkantHunt42 ,

Q3 means quatrer 3, this is from July till September.
But we have changed the time for release. At the moment, there is no release date. Just keep following our development blog for further information about the progress and dates.


good work! cant waiitttt

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