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Development Blog #7

    Development blog #7 has arrived in all of its glory.
If any of you remember our ant-sized AKM teaser from last week then to all of your delights the full-size AKM has at last arrived. But it wasn´t packaged really well so it is now covered in tiny scratches and lots of dirt. (The AKM pictures below feature 4K textures which are quite a lot higher resolution than what will be in the final game. We still might include 4K textures for those who have the computer to run the game at such high graphics settings.)

M24 sniper rifle 3D model is also in works. It will have the same quality as the AKM.

Now to some news about the future development of Project Fury game. 
Let's just get straight to the point then. There will be no public game testing this year and we have also removed all of the timeframes from our Development Roadmap ( The first reason is that Maron (Marsbar) is going to mandatory military service for the next 11 months. The second reason is the fact that we have a small team and we overpromised with our development timelines on our website. We don´t want that happening again, so we are better off by removing deadlines which we are not certain about and work in our own pace. 
Our team is dedicated to giving all of you the best quality game to play, which we are capable of delivering. 

We will continue making semi-frequent development blogs and other updates during this time. And they will always get better over time.


New Features
  • NEW 3D: Concrete Cube
  • NEW 3D: Modular concrete block
  • NEW 3D: Concrete pipe
  • NEW 3D: T-shape underground pipes
  • NEW 3D: Cable reel drum
  • NEW 3D: Wood plank pile
  • NEW 3D: Low Modular Fences - Broken, Corner, End, Pole and a Straight piece.
  • NEW 3D: Sheet metal plate
  • NEW 3D: Low parking barrier
  • NEW 3D: M24 sniper rifle
  • ADDED: Interaction widget so you can pick up certain items.
Tweaks & Improvements
  • UI: Interaction widget will have 2 styles. Long range: You will just see the "E" button. Short Range: "Hold to interact" text will appear to the right of the "E" button.
[Image: 9xiGbtv.png]
Road Shoulders

[Image: JvJVedE.png]
T-shaped pipes, Concrete pipe

[Image: IQBnQto.png]
Cable reel drum, Wood plank pile, Low Modular Fences, Sheet metal plate, Low parking barrier

[Image: pv16bGm.png]
Concrete Cube, Modular concrete block

[Image: 0LvcuyD.png]
UI: Hold to interact

Weapon - AKM
[Image: vJXzDPn.png]

[Image: 9ytuOu7.png]

[Image: rpAKsER.png]

[Image: ouwtriK.png]

[Image: Rvl1REO.png]
(This post was last modified: 06-14-2018, 06:15 PM by Marslane.)
Well done!
holy nutballs
That's a highly detailed AK! Smile
We've got some good devs in our hands lads, keep it going!
I'm glad to see the consistent high development standard and seeing it be maintained.
Thanks for the update, and sweet progress <3
Thumbs Up 
Well done !
Sad to hear about the timeline, but glad to see the progress that has been made so far! Can't wait to see more progress! Keep at it!

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