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I know this game is being built from the ground up.  

But, what maps are planned?  The website says 32 players (same as Play4Free), so most of Play4Free Maps would be a good fit size-wise.  

However, are all the maps from P4F planned, and are you adding new maps (perhaps from previous BF games)?
Hello Gandler,

Project Fury is inspired by Battlefield Play4Free but not a revive or a exact copy of it!
We can not copy the maps from any Battlefield game, because EA/Dice will sue us for this, so we create the maps ourselves. 
But we want to bring back the good old feeling, so there may will be a small similarity.

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Ok.But Sr.Deadsaster are u people behind project fury thinking in make maps similiar to sharqi for exemple.Bcuz u guys cannot move away from that essence that is bf p4f and maybe for u as Project Fury send a map like sharqi just one map to see how the game is and then yes u guys could develop some news maps.But dont put a lot of diferences betwen bf p4f and project fury or this game will be similar to another game that already exist on market.
We're actually in the process of making a sharqi style CQB style map which we've got high hopes for.

Stay tuned for some development blogs showing this off soon =)

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Nice bro Sharqi is alive!!!!
Stuned???Im excited for this game since bf p4f has been shuted down good luck .

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