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A little update on things.
So, not a massive amount of updates happening recently. We know and we're very aware that it seems like we've dropped off the face of the planet.

We're not dead, we're still very actively developing and are at a very important phase in our development.

Just as a little taste of things to come, here's a leak of what you'll land on when you first fire up the launcher.

[Image: 2xXAQR4.png]

Also, without showing too much...

[Image: BTfxAtB.png]

I'm hoping to launch our new clan system in a few days time, which ties nicely into the game engine and hopefully will be a nice feature for everyone to have and we're constantly pushing to hit our release roadmap.

Hope you enjoy. Drop me a line if you've got a super cool idea you think would be good for the website or ingame.

How many more badges can I fit on my profile.

[Image: brand.png]
Nice one.
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Good job guys Wink
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Cool! Good job guys!

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