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December 2018 Poll Results and Giveaway winners
Hello soldiers!

Poll Results:
The year of 2018 has ended and with that our USSR Name Poll too. The fan favorite name, which won the poll was Vladimir by a whopping 48 votes. Next closest competitor was Yuriy with 17 votes, so it was totally a fair fight.
This name will now be used in the Alaska map backstory.

Giveaway Winners:
Now lets get to the most important part of course. We also had a little Early Access key giveaway between the people who voted and commented on the poll. We have chosen to give away 3 keys in total. was used to pick the 3 names out of 27 participants.

Video of the raffle -
1. Zezima69
2. Buldozeris
3. Surprice

Congratulations to all winners: The Early Access Key will be awarded to your account soon, which will give you access to the Early Access when we release it.

Big thanks to everyone for voting in the poll and participating in the giveaway.
Project Fury Team
Congratulations to the winners!

Edit: what about the surname?
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Congratulations to all the boys that won, Good luck to everyone else next time.
Vladimir is such a generic name....
(01-01-2019, 05:56 PM)ilyes300 Wrote:  Vladimir is such a generic name....
That's probably the reason it was picked the most.
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[Image: 2fUfUfI.png]
Can't wait for the alpha to be released ^^ and also congratulation to other 2 winners and wish good luck the ones who didnt win this giveaway. Special thanks to Marslane and his team for doing this amazing giveaway! Thanks!
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R.I.P.  Yuri 2018 - 2018
Anyways, congratulations to the winners!
Dziękuje !

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